Pierre-Olivier is currently in France (UTC/GMT+1)

+33 (0)6 11 95 68 91


After studying journalism, Pierre-Olivier moved to photography as an autodidact.

He worked over 3 years with Gamma agency, for which he followed lifestyle, politics, and entertainment.

Gradually drifting away from the agencies' world, he made several trips to Japan and decided to settle in Tokyo in 2007 for almost 2 years as freelance correspondent for French medias. During this period, he specialized in portraits and features, with the desire to take a fresh look at the world around him.

Since 2009, Pierre-Olivier spends half of its time in France, and the rest in Japan or Asian countries, working mainly by assignment for TV channels, production companies, and international magazines.

Pierre-Olivier's pictures are available on Divergence Images
For Corporate works, Pierre-Olivier's pictures are available on Capa Pictures

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